Our company's predecessor was the "Capacitor Manufacturing Department of Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corporation" and technical cooperated with Nichicon Corporation. Our products include high voltage capacitors, low-voltage capacitors and electrolytic capacitors. In 1968, our company has foreseen the promising and high potential future of the electronics industry. In order to gain technical support, we went to one of the biggest capacitor manufacturing companies in Japan, Nichicon Corporation, to form a partnership.

After gaining permit from Nichicon Corporation, they came to Taiwan to invest and strengthens the technical cooperation between our companies, in which later on we became partners in the new founded electrolytic capacitor company. In the same year, Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corporation invested and established a factory in Xinfeng Township, Hsinchu County, with a floor space of 26,000 m2. In August 1969, a new company “Taicon Corporation” was established and located in No. 66 Nanjing west road, Taipei city. In the same year, we undertook the initial production equipment and staff of the capacitor department from Shihlin Electric.

In February 1970, the Investment Commission, MOEA approved the technical cooperation between Taicon and Nichicon. In the same year, the Investment Commission, MOEA also approved investment from Nichicon Corporation and Moritani&Co.,Ltd. Which they invested NTD 9.8million in Taicon in June. The capital of Taicon increased to NTD 20million and the Japanese companies owns 49% of the shares. All products are being exported. The factory was a foundation of technical cooperation with Nichicon Corporation. Nichicon assigns outstanding technicians every year to teach and improve the technicality for Taicon. In addition, Nichicon agreed that Taicon can assign technicians to their factory in Japan for internship and that they will always sustain technical support for Taicon. The partnership with Nichicon helps the production and the quality keeps on improving and becoming better. The excellent reputation was gradually established since then.

Since 1960s, the government of Taiwan positively improved the investment environment and provided reward investment policy. Taiwan’s economy was in a rapidly growth. There were many foreign tradesmen who came to Taiwan to establish factories, especially in the electronic industry. The demand was huge and the industry was growing rapidly. In order to meet customers’ requirements, Taicon gradually implemented automatic production and was on the move to enhance the rationalization management to improve on production, quality assurance, and to reduce cost in the 1970s. This thorough improvement was very successful. The production machines were progressed from manual to semi-automatic and finally to automatic, this progression also shortened the manufacturing process. The production technology has improved from general purpose to downsize, anti-explosive, middle/ high voltage, and 105℃ heat resistance products that can completely complied with high level audio video products and it was as what information technology industry’s products needed. Taicon was the first Taiwan E-cap supplier to have business with the IT industry. We also earned customer’s trust and procurement throughout the process.

Due to our expansion, we relocated our headquarters to 3/F 9, SEC. 1, CHANG AN EAST ROAD, TAIPEI on Feb, 1972. We also purchased the 4th floor at the same building in 1997. In 1995, in order to master the core technology of E-CAP, we formed a joint venture with Japan Capacitor Industrial Co., Ltd.(JCC) and Kawatake Electronics Co., Ltd. with the name TJCC to supply Taicon the source of high quality foil. After China opening up in recent years, being tempted by the size of the market and the adequate labor force along with other factors, foreign investments were entering China one after another. Just like most companies, Taicon also set foot in China. We invested in DG in 1997 considering that most of our clients are located there. In March, 1998, our DG Factory was completed and started mass production ever since.

The electronic industry of Taiwan (R.O.C) after years of development is strong and stable. Taiwan is ranked as one of the world's top consumer electronics manufacturing countries. The export amount from the electronic industry has occupied a large portion of Taiwan’s foreign trade. Electronics industry is developing at a very high speed due to the short product life cycle. In order to meet market demand, Taicon continues to accelerate the update of the automated production equipment and the performance management- lowering the production costs. Not only are we continuing to improve our hardware, we are also introducing a cloud system in our manufacturing process. By that, we are able to grasp the production data and to enhance productivity. We strive to strengthen and raise competitiveness as we have a strong technical foundation from the past; therefore we believe Taicon will stand in the future.